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Our customers travel interprovincially, to the USA, and worldwide! Many of MyDrivingAbstract™ customers are professional commercial drivers making multiple trips to US and Canadawide throughout a year. We are here to help find the most competative, hassle-free, and customizable travel insurance options on the market.
TUGO travel insurance

For more info, please read TUGO Traveller Policy.

Emergency Medical Worldwide

Our customers, most of whom are professional drivers, prefer TUGO travel insurance for its multiple-trip annual travel option, low premiums, customizable deductible, adjustible trip length, and Worldwide or within Canada coverage with a $5,000,000 maximum limit.
For more info, please read TUGO Traveller Policy.

Get a plan that best fits your needs. Whether you are an individual driver prefering not to pay for subscriptions or a big motor carrier employing thousands of drivers and opting to save the cost on a large scale, we have a plan for you! You can upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time at no additional cost.

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